Abano Spa

History and tradition of Mud-Thermal-Therapy and Thermal Water in Abano Terme makes our town the biggest thermal station in Europe.

Aponus, the sacred water source of curative virtues as well as the name of the thermal water god, has made Abano Terme the ideal destination for finding health and relaxation for two thousand years. Spa water is a blessing for our health; it is the original Salus Per Aquam (SPA).


Rainwater becomes thermal water when it starts flowing from Monti Lessini (in the Pre-Alps) through the underground limestone. Thermal water in Abano Terme is classified “deep thermal water” (2,500 – 3,000 metres underground). During its path of maturation, (taking about 25-30 years), the water, under pressure, is heated to 180°C. During this process, the water is also enriched with mineral salts and dissolved.
The water runs for about 80 kilometers and arrives in our Hotel and Spa at a temperature of about 80°C. Its properties make this water a real natural medication.


The effect of the mineral substances and the water temperature that ranges from 34 to 37° C provides a relaxing effect of the muscles and reduces pain, reinvigorates the joints and improves body functions. It’s suitable for post traumatic rehabilitation.
The Abano Spa is an ideal and healthy place rich in history and traditions to discover.

``At the Spa you will reinvigorate and relax your body and soul! It’s the place of long-lasting youth.``

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