Thermal Center

Thermal Center

Since the 70s, the Thermal Centre of the Hotel Abano Verdi, fully respecting the traditional therapeutic usage of thermal mud, offers thermal natural thermal treatments.

"The human body is a temple and as such should be cared for and respected, always”


Our Thermal Centre is under the monitoring activity of the University of Padova which is in charge of controlling the mud quality and its process of maturation.
The Ministry of Health has classified our thermal mud, given its qualities and therapeutic properties, as First Superior Mud.

Our guests, under the supervision of our specialist, doctor Squarcina, have the possibility to choose among several therapeutic treatments:

  • Thermal Mud-Therapy and waterAmong thermal treatments, the one using the mature “Fango of Abano Terme” (“mature Mud”) is one of the most valuable and effective alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory and painkillers drugs normally used to treat Osteoarthritis. In addition, the Mud-Therapy represents an effective remedy for Osteoporosis since it has been demonstrated in a number of scientific studies that the Fango of Abano naturally stimulate the bone metabolism.
  • Therapeutic/Physiotherapy Treatments. Here it is the possibility to access thermal rehabilitation treatments. Our guests might follow, under medical control, specific rehabilitative therapeutic programmes for numerous degenerative, rheumatic, post-traumatic and post-surgical pathologies.
  • Inhalation. Given the specific composition of the thermal water, inhalation provides an antiseptic action on the mucous membranes. It also favors a fluency of secretion and stimulation of the ciliary bronchial apparatus. Thus, this treatment might be particularly effective to treat colds, chronic irritation caused by deteriorating environmental conditions such as pollution, fine dust, and cigarette smoke.


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Carpe Diem
from € 210per person

2 nights in double room, half-board from 6 January to 14 April 2019

  • From 6 January to 14 April € 210
  • Weekend supplement € 10
  • From 3 to 6 March € 230
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Massaggio shiatsu
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4 nights in double room, half-board from 6 January to 14 April 2019

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Fango Termale
Wellness mud package
from € 844per person

6 nights in double room, half-board only with arrival on Sunday from 6 January to 14 April 2019

  • 1 medical examination
  • 6 mud therapies and baths in thermal water
  • 6 therapeutic massages 25 min.
  • 1 Antistress massage 50 min.
  • 1 Lomi Lomi massage 50 min.
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